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O.K. on this site you can find all kinds of <! -- more -->fun stuff like for example the possibility to CHAT, and I will be on the lookout for other fun things to add in the future, if you have any ideas you would like to see on HP's Happy CHAT, (or any of the other BLOGSPOTS)feel free to use the shoutbox. Or send an email to the Mailbox - by clicking on the 'Funny Flamengo Photo' - you can find on
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The Christmas Holiday
- NEW YEARS - Collection
Is Online!!!

Great to have you on this blog today,

Here below you can have a look at some of the Fun New Years Products:


ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Christmas Designs
Are in Store!!!

Check Out the Designs We Made for You!
You can discover a General Selection in the Christmas Gifts Collection with a collection of Christmas Gift Ideas for under the Christmas Tree,
and a Special Christmas Holliday Collection with our actual own Christmas Holliday Designs!!! They are 'Hot from the Press', so to say, infact there is still more to come as we go!!! You can easily browse to look at the products and the designs, A lot of the designs are also Customizable, and it's easy to tell your friends about it with the easy share buttons.

Some Other Christmas Gift Ideas:

You can also check out some of our other designs like for example the School Kids Collection and the Animal Phone Case Collection Or else the Sports Collection
For Christmas Business Gifts Ideas you can have a look at the special Business Gifts Collection and the Boa Pattern Collection
(You can also discover all the Product collections on the Zazzle store, and see the latest products that recently been sold from our store etc. etc. you can discover it all at Our Zazzle Store)
Thanks for visiting this blog today..., It would be great when you write your comments about how you like them, in a comment here below and/or on the Zazzle site.


JB test

Dit is een stukje tekst

hier wil ik een jump break


For Guitar Hero FANS only!!!

In my post How to be a Rock Star I wrote about Guitar Hero III

I have something really special for Guitar Hero III Fans!
because you can actually have special designs ('Skins') for your guitar!!!
(You can even design your own and make money)

If you like to become a 'Celebrity SUPERSTAR'

You can have a look at the (also orange color) site at: Truly be a Rockstar!


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